Burbot fishing

Burbot fishing- winter evening on the Lake Inari, Northern Lights

Welcome to our special burbot fishingtrip! Before the trip, we get dressed in overalls and boots. We jump on sledge, bulled by snowmobile on the Lake Inari ice.

When we arrive at the ice fishing spot, our fishing guide will tell you how you may catch a burbot, and then you will get the rod to yourself. We also check some fish traps. We have warm sledge or tent with us!

During the excursion you will enjoy a warm drink and a some snack including local fish.

And if the sky is clear, you might be lucky to see the Northern Lights over the Lake Inari!

Inarin Kala Ukko- inarifishing -unforgettable experiences!

Available   January-March

Daily at   8 pm

Duration   2,5 – 3h
Price 229€/ person

min 2 max 4 persons

not suitable for children under 10 year


sledge ride
local fish prepared by open fire
fishing equipments



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